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    Lotto 6/49 + Lucky Number System By Kary Kary

    Kary Kary
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    Lotto 6/49 + Lucky Number System By Kary Kary

    Post  Kary Kary on Sun Oct 04, 2009 7:53 pm

    Script Comments

    First of all.... Im sorry cause this script take me a lot of time to make it.Anyway i thing is pretty good. Let me tell you about what is:

    Script Type

    - FilternScript [FS]

    Script Features

    2 functions:

    Lotto 6/49 Exactly how you know it. 6 numbers, 4 numbers at least corrects to take the First Report.

    Lucky Number 1/20 A little bit difficulty but is good. 250000 $ if you got it correct.

    Script Installation

    Download the script and place it on your FilternScript folder. Add Lotto_System on your server.cfg at FilternScript Line.

    Script Download

    1. Attachment

    2. PWN: download.php?gmyzjdewn4z

    AMX: download.php?wjy0iwyhjmq

    Script Bugs

    No Bugs found.If you find one,reply.

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